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Making Regular Payments and On-Off Transactions

Global Payments will help save you time and costs to get your money where and when you need it. We understand that peace of mind only comes with great rates, expert service and secure transfers.

 Who Should Choose Global Payments?

  • Expats who send home their overseas earnings
  • Parents who make regular payments for their children's overseas education and living costs
  • Investors who make down payment and monthly mortgage payments when buying a property abroad
  • Families who need to transfer funds when moving overseas
  • Those who buy foreign currencies for use and potential growth in the future (currency switching)

Case Studies

*Remark: All names are fictitious

Your Business Payments Partner

While you are unlocking a new market for your business globally, you may need to pay salaries overseas, make supplier payments or receive overseas clients’ payments. EBSI Forex is experienced in dealing with businesses of all shapes and sizes. We understand the importance of timely and reliable FX payments to seamless daily operations of your business with no transaction fee or commission charges.

EBSI Forex Is Experienced In Dealing With The FX Needs Of Businesses

  • Spot and Forward FX 
  • Market orders 
  • Time critical same day settlement 
  • 24-hour online and phone deal booking 
  • Multiple user platform access and account authorization levels
  • Detailed PDF trade confirmation and monthly statement for accounting purposes
  • Daily FX commentary and market updates to assist with managing FX exposures

Case Studies

*Remark: All names are fictitious

Manage Cross-border Payments for Your eCommerce Business

As an online marketplace retailer, you are operating in a highly competitive landscape. Whether converting your payments back into your own currency or buying stock, you face the currency exchange exposure. Global Payments is a revolutionary business FX solution that helps you manage the operating costs and you can grow your eCommerce business effectively.

 How We Can Help Your Online Business?

  • Pay and receive foreign currency from buyers and sellers locally around the world with no transfer fee
  • International network of bank accounts in major regions for receipt of payments from online clients
  • 24-hour multi-lingual dedicated FX support 
  • Trusted and reliable brand with 10 years' experience working with businesses of all sizes 

Case Studies