EBSI Forex

The Global Payments service, a web-based transaction platform, allows you to make international money transfers online, just as simple, easy and quick as transferring between your local accounts. It supports all major web browsers, and is compatible with Mac, iPhone and iPad.

4 easy steps to get started and make transfers:

Step 1: Quote

After opening a global payments account with us, you will receive a login to the online platform. Enter the currency and amount you wish to sell or buy. 

Step 2: Transact

A live market quote will be displayed. There is no additional transfer fees with EBSI Forex. To book your transaction, simply click accept. 

Step 3: Send

Enter the banking details of your payee and receive your trade confirmation from us. Log on to your online bank account and send us the required amount to one of our multi-currency settlement accounts, including your trade reference number for easy fund allocation.

Step 4: Track

Check your transaction status and history online 24/7 real time. You will know when we have received your funds and when we have settled the payment to your beneficiary.